Pimp My PC: From HDD to SSD

Samsung 850 Pro 256GB

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything to upgrade my PC. My last upgrade was “out-of-the-box”: a Ducky Shine 3 full-sized mechanical keyboard to replace my flimsy Rapoo wireless keyboard that kept me away from any serious games. This time, I’m addressing a more performance-related aspect of my PC. What’s The Issue…

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Preparing a Secured Minimum System for Your RaspberryPi Server

Table of Contents Intro Disclaimer Operating System Selection Installing MinibianPi Creating New User With Administrative Privileges Securing The Operating System Regenerating Unique Host Keys Setting Up Key Pair Authentication for SSH Disabling Password Authentication and Root Login Installing Iptables and Setting Up Basic Firewall Rules Installing fail2ban Getting The System…

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AFJ Open Adoption – Kiko


Animal Friends Jogja sedang mengadakan Open Adoption Program untuk seekor kucing bernama Kiko. Inilah dia Kiko! *jreng jreng jreng* Buat teman-teman yang tertarik untuk mengadopsi Kiko, bisa langsung menghubungi Animal Friends Jogja. Di website itu ada informasi lengkap tentang bagaimana caranya teman-teman bisa membantu Animal Friends Jogja dalam berbagai program,…

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