Monthly archives of “October 2008

Ideals vs. Reality

In this world, nothing is perfect. We are not perfect. None of us can be. It’s just human nature.

One must define for oneself the threshold between principal values and hyper-idealism. We are told to not lie. This is our principal value. But everybody else lies; the whole world lies for a living. Where does that leave us? Will we go with the flow and lie just like everybody else? Or will we preserve our values and be honest even if it means challenging the whole world?

Holding on a value we believe in is something that we should do. But, we do have to make compromises from time to time. In fact, life in a community depends on compromises. Almost everything is negotiable, and non-negotiable issues can be made negotiable to some extent.

The question then becomes: How far are we willing to negotiate?