Daily archives of “April 14, 2010

The Kubuntu Aftermath

So, I was trying to rescue a Karmic Koala in distress. I failed at the time, because I didn’t have an up-to-date release of Kubuntu (or Ubuntu, for that matter). So here’s what happened next.

I finally got to borrow a friend’s Kubuntu installation CD, so I booted it up. I poked around in it for a bit, and… alas… there is no such thing as GParted preinstalled inside Kubuntu’s live CD. Lucky for me, I got me an Ubuntu Live CD at hand, also Karmic Koala. Without hesitating, I fired it up, and there it was, Gparted… *drool*

So, I went ahead and just repartitioned the darn virtual disk. By this, I mean I did it in one go, I didn’t stop to apply partition deletions before resizing my root partition and creating a tiny swap partition. One go only. And it worked like a charm.

So there it is, my Kubuntu Karmic Koala now has 5GB of disk space, of which about 1.2GB is free. Enough for now.