Don’t Expect

There’s a quote I remember from a long time ago:

The universe owes you absolutely NOTHING. You owe it to yourself to be awesome.

Unfortunately I can’t remember who I heard this quote from or where I had read it. But the message is still intact in my head. Do not, ever rely on anything or anyone to make you awesome, or worse, happy. Never ever expect anything from anyone.

Your best pals tells you everything. So what? Don’t expect them to listen to your stories.

Your best pals ask you how your day went. So what? Expect them to hear, but don’t expect them to listen.

Your best pals listen to you every time you blurt out whatever it is that’s been eating you. So what? Don’t expect them to understand.

You spend all day with a person and happily let go of your plans for theirs because you enjoy being with them. So what? Don’t expect them to ask you to go on that road trip next weekend.

You treat your pals out to dinner every now and then. So what? Don’t expect them to splurge on you.

You try to be funny. So what? Don’t expect anyone to laugh at your jokes.

You try so hard to make a person smile. So what? Don’t expect them to notice.

Somebody smiles to you. So what? Don’t expect them to actually care.

You try to be nice to the world. So what? The universe owes you NOTHING. Zilch. Nada. Null.

If you wanna be nice to the world, just be nice. But you need to somehow learn that that doesn’t automagically make the world be nice to you.