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Collateral Damage

When you’re in love, everything about that person becomes a source of joy. Their jokes become so funny, their little favors so precious, their mistakes silly and forgivable, their flaws nonexistent.

When you’re hurt by someone, everything about that person becomes a source of negative energy. Their jokes become harsh sarcasm, their kind intentions tainted by hidden agendas, their mistakes unforgivable, their flaws unmistakably true and intolerable.

Either way, you’ll forget about your “friends”, those who are neither your object of infatuation nor your perpetual enemy, the bystanders caught in the crossfire — the very persons who actually care about you but have no way to get into your life anymore. They will lose their priority in your agenda, and/or become a target of your never ending complaints and tantrums. If you’re not careful enough, by the time you finally regain control of your emotions, they’ll be long gone.

Damage prevention: keep your feet on the ground at all times.

Damage control: get your feet back on the ground.

‘Nuff said.