Randomize Bandung

Sekali-sekali lah aku menulis lagi tentang perjalanan yang random. Bandung, kota yang aku ingin kunjungi dari sejak lama, bahkan sempat aku bercita-cita kuliah di ITB. Kota yang sebelum ini hanya sempat kusambangi hanya beberapa hari saja (kalau tidak boleh disebut beberapa jam). Akhirnya semesta memberiku peluang berkunjung ke Bandung, dan tidak tanggung-tanggung, seminggu lamanya! So here’s… Continue reading Randomize Bandung

Scarcity Bias

Not long ago I consulted with an old friend on the best strategy to pay off the mountain of debts I had just acquired, which I need for payment of a piece of land I’m trying to buy. Because he needed to evaluate based on hard data, I conceded to giving him all my numbers.… Continue reading Scarcity Bias

Collateral Damage

When you’re in love, everything about that person becomes a source of joy. Their jokes become so funny, their little favors so precious, their mistakes silly and forgivable, their flaws nonexistent. When you’re hurt by someone, everything about that person becomes a source of negative energy. Their jokes become harsh sarcasm, their kind intentions tainted… Continue reading Collateral Damage

Don’t Expect

There’s a quote I remember from a long time ago: The universe owes you absolutely NOTHING. You owe it to yourself to be awesome. Unfortunately I can’t remember who I heard this quote from or where I had read it. But the message is still intact in my head. Do not, ever rely on anything… Continue reading Don’t Expect

The Fear Factor

This is just a summary of what the reverend said during this morning’s service. Fear impairs, distorts, and ultimately destroys relationships. How? Let’s see… First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of fear. Fear keeps you out of trouble. It safeguards you from dangerous things. Fear keeps you alive. Want proof? Why do you… Continue reading The Fear Factor


…and what they’d do to protect their kids. I know she’ll catch me whenever I fall. But she can’t protect me from the choices I make. It doesn’t matter, mom, I still love you.

Vanilla Me

I realize that just a few months ago I posted about how I should be thankful, how no one was able to be a perfect friend, and that my friends are good enough for me. Well, I just had this thought… This is not a gripe. Just a thought. What if… I didn’t have all… Continue reading Vanilla Me